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Monday, June 13, 2011

Fall Races

I would feel too guilty if I spent the summer lounging by the pool so I'm figuring out what the next challenge will be. My husband and I are registered for the Army Ten Miler on October 9th but I need something else, something that will get me out of bed in the morning thinking "I have to train!" How about an Olympic distance triathlon? I've had my eye on the Half Full Triathlon in Ellicott City, MD that takes place on October 2nd. It's a .9 mile swim, 32 mile bike, and 6.7 mile run. I think it's completely attainable! I plan on discussing it with the husband tonight and I will definitely let you know when I (we) register. (I told him it was a marathon or this and we're leaning towards a triathlon.)
In other news, my birthday is in two weeks and I'm getting a bike!!! Yaaaaaaaaaaay. I know which one I want but we'll see which one I actually get. The husband has been very generous in lending me the use of his but it's high time I ride on my own two wheels...and in my own shoes...and helmet and maybe some new clothes...(Too much?)

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