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Thursday, June 2, 2011

RedStar Worldwear Sunglasses

Remember that marathon I ran in March? While I was rifling through my race packet, I noticed a small card that said "$500 value" and I thought "Huh? How did I end up with a $500 gift card? For...something?" I looked closer and it said "redeem at redstarworldwear.com". I googled Redstar Worldwear and it appeared to be an attempt to sell you sunglasses. The website shows different styles of sunglasses retailed between $80 and $200. The caveat is that for every pair of sunglasses you buy, you pay a $10 fee. (The company claims to be marketing styles to see what is popular therefore offering reduced prices but I'm not clear on the whole story.)
Two months later, I find the gift card and show it to my husband. We decided to go for it and see if the sunglasses are actually any good. So we spent $100 (including shipping and handling which was $11) on nine pairs of sunglasses and we got to pick out a watch for spending at least $450 of the $500 gift card.
I know a lot of runners have seen this card and figured it was a gimmick. Well, it's not a gimmick but the sunglasses are definitely not worth the "retail" price. They are still stylish and functional but I wouldn't pay the full price. I have owned expensive sunglasses and these are pretty flimsy and don't seem as durable.
Hope this is helpful to some people who know what I'm talking about!
FYI, I took a picture of the glasses we received but two pairs (aviators) are currently on backorder so these are the ones we got today.

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