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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

New Shoes and...Triathlon?

Helloooo!! The weather has been awesome and the family and I have been doing some running. Yesterday, we ran to the local running store and I got new shoes which I have desperately needed! I got Brooks Ravenna 2 (pictured above) which I would not have bought or worn to train for a marathon in since they don't have much medial posting but they are cushy and lightweight and perfect for the shorter runs I've been doing (fewer than 10 miles). I have been wearing my old Ravennas that I got for free and after trying some other shoes on (including my beloved Nike Structure Triax), I decided to get the updated version of them. The new Nike's just seemed like too much shoe--heavy and bulky. I also tried on the Nike Lunarglide 2 for s&gs and they were so flat and hit my feet in the wrong places. I am definitely not a minimalist runner. I like to feel my shoes and their support.
In other news, I registered for my first (sprint) triathlon! It's May 29th (Memorial day weekend) and about 40 minutes from where we live. It's a 300m swim, 12 mile bike, and 5k run. The swim is in an outdoor pool so it's perfect for a newbie like me. I am nervous about the transitioning. I am already figuring out what to wear. My husband has a wetsuit that I can wear and a bike I can ride (I don't even have my own bike. Shame.) But I'm so excited!!! I need to get in the pool and fit some bike rides in in the next four weeks. Woo hoo!!!! There is a triathlon in Annapolis on the 14th but it's $140 to register and I was hoping that would be my first one but the one I entered is $65 and seems better for someone who is new to the sport since the swim is in a pool (and not off of city dock.) The bike is what I am most worried about. I took a Masters swim class three days a week last summer so it's the bike I am probably most rusty at. So that's the news!! I had a month off after the marathon and now I have the itch to train for something new. Wish me luuuuuuck!


  1. This is probably too far from you but the BWI trail is a great bike trail. It's about 15 miles. I used to ride it after work all the time. It's mostly a flat ride with some gentle hills. I like it b/c you don't have to worry about car traffic for the most part.

  2. Dude, the Mt. Vernon trail is across the street from me. It's 26 miles long and goes along the Potomac.

  3. Oh nice! I wish we had a trail like that here. Everyone just bikes on the road (even with no break down lane) but that makes me too nervous. I miss riding my bike!