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Monday, April 11, 2011

Hi, all!! I thought I would update you on the status of my injured foot. Well it no longer hurts which is good but I haven't run in 8 days and I'm afraid if I start again, it may hurt. That's why I went and had a bone scan today. The doctor (and I) wanted to rule out a stress fracture. So I had an 8am appointment at the radiology center today. I got there and was taken back right away. I laid on the imaging table and was injected with radioactive pigment which was dispersed throughout my bones in a matter of minutes. The pigment pools in areas of fracture. The pictures took about ten minutes to take. I could see the images of my bones on the screen and there were defnintely "hot spots" where there was more pigment. Anyhow, I was free to go after the pictures were taken but I had to return at noon to take more thorough images. Fortunately, my brother's girlfriend is off on Mondays and was able to babysit for me. I don't know the results yet but I am anxious to call my doctor tomorrow and see if he has them yet. Please don't let it be a fracture!! If it's not, I am ok to run and may just need some physical therapy. If it's a fracture, I may need to wear a walking boot and I won't be able to run for several months. Keep your fingers crossed for me!!

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