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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Cherry Blossom 10 Miler

Hiiii, cherry blossoms! It was a gorgeous morning in DC today. I didn't run but my husband did. The Baby and I saw him off to his starting corral and then headed off down 14th St. to find a Starbucks because it was FREEZING. We got to Starbucks and to my dismay, there were two large, marble steps and two heavy doors to open once you got up the two, large marble steps. What the heck? I have a BOB Revolution stroller which means SUV/off road aka LARGE. Thankfully, a friendly guy held the doors for me (I wasn't so lucky on the way out.) Anyhow, aside from being annoyed at Starbucks, the morning was good and we were able to see my husband finish his first race since October. Which inspired me to sign up for a ten miler in two weeks. Whaaaat?! I can't help that watching other people race makes me want to race. How do you think I got into the marathon business after all? (Who knew watching my friends run the Marine Corps Marathon would change four months of my life). So anyhow, it's a new race put on by the same people who manage the Baltimore 10 Miler (which I will run this year for the 4th consecutive year--whaaaat). They always have the best premiums. This race will take place in Charles county, MD (basically La Plata, MD.) I can't wait! I ran two ten milers last summer as a slow, out of shape-newly-unpregnant mother and am anxious to see how my marathon training translates into a ten miler (85 minutes?!? Please? That's my single-lady-in-shape PR.) We'll see!
Congrats to my husband on his ten miler finish xoxo. Hope you got to relax today...a little. Hey, where's my dinner...

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