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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Now What?

After the high of the weekend, I am sitting here wondering "what next?" I accomplished one fitness goal; now on to another, I suppose. But what? I want to continue running so I think I should focus on getting faster for shorter distances like the 10k. I've always had trouble with 10ks. I can run them just fine but nowhere near as fast as I would like. My personal best is 53:10 and that was in a half marathon--not in an actual 10k (I don't get it!) I usually finish around 55 minutes so it would be nice to PR in the 10k this spring. In order to do that, I have to do lots of track workouts. I haven't done track workouts since high school so it will be fun to do them again (I think.)
Anyhow, that's the plan. The week following a marathon is kind of depressing and it's important to look forward to new goals.
I've tried to not be too lazy in the past few days. Today, we did a stroller workout with the moms group in a local park. I was going to run a few miles after but the baby was grumpy and I hadn't eaten lunch so we came home and didn't make it back outside. Also, when is this weather going to change?!? So tired of the 40s and 50s and tomorrow it is supposed to SNOW. WTH? I just want to put away the parka and forget about it.


  1. Well you already ran a marathon and did a master swim class...I'm seeing a tri-athalon in your future ;)

  2. Yes...one day. More sports = more money.