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Saturday, March 12, 2011

12 Mile Run

Today was my last double digit run before the marathon. I made it count, too. I ran it at a 9 minute pace (marathon pace, perhaps?) and told it where to go. Now, my body is saying "what the heck, you fool?" My right hip flexor HURTS and after I stretch and stretch, 5 minutes later, it still hurts. I have a pain just under my the right side of my butt (yes, it's literally a pain in my butt.) Also, I'm gonna have to write a post about sports bras. I have some knowledge about bras and fit but for some reason, no matter what bra I wear, it chafes me in the back or at the top of my chest (where there is usually a seam).
Well that's all for my run today! I think I'm gonna do some research on bras...

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