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Monday, March 14, 2011

Searing Pain

The last thing you want to happen after training for a marathon for four months is to get injured in the last two weeks before the race. But I think I may have hurt myself. After my run on Saturday, I could barely walk. I rested yesterday and felt much better so today so I tried running four miles. I ran one mile and had to stop. I couldn't ignore the pain in my lower back anymore and got off of the treadmill to stretch. Unfortunately, it's hard to find a position that stretches that area. The pain seems to be localized on the right side of my lower back and, when I run, it radiates through my butt and down to the back of my thigh. It. Hurts. I think it may be from limping the past two days and I put stress on an area that isn't used to it. Perhaps? Does anyone know? I may have to make a last minute appointment with the sports doctor. I will cry big fat tears if I feel this way in a week. For now, I am going to stretch the heck out of everything, take ibuprofen, ice, and rest and cross my fingers that I feel recovered in a week. I may even go get a massage. Anything to alleviate this pain! The good thing is that 90% of my training is done so I feel competent that I could run the marathon fine even if I don't run this week. Well, this evening, I'm gonna go hang out on the foam roller and hope for the best. Please, body, don't quit me now!!!!!

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  1. Go see a reputable massage therapist...maybe even twice! Maybe you just need to have the muscles manually stretched out by a pro. Take care of yourself and don't let it go on too long before you see someone about it. After all this training I can't bare to see you not kick ass in the marathon!