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Monday, March 21, 2011

Running LOLZ

I shouldn't blog at 8am because inevitably something will happen during the day that I will want to talk about. I was supposed to run 3 miles today. I decided to run to the trail and head south and run to a shopping center with a post office to drop something off in the mail (yes, I could drop it off downstairs, but where's the fun in that?) So it was roughly 3 miles there and it would take another almost mile to get home in what would be a loop. There were some random signs that I had to take pictures of. I guess someone wanted to spread some cheer? I wonder if there were more further down...
So anyhow I got off of the trail and headed down a sidewalk to go to the shopping center and I passed some woman pushing a stroller and she GASPED and said "Well I NEVER" to me like I had just rammed my jogging stroller into her behind instead of just passing her like I did. Crazy lady. I think two strollers can fit on one sidewalk. So I just ignored her and sprinted away. I got to the post office and the same lady was walking towards it and I was thinking "please, please don't come in here and be crazy" but she kept walking.
I was planning on going down another road that would lead straight to home but there was no shoulder at that point so I just went home the way I came and it wound up being just over 6 miles. Oh well!! It felt good, though, and it feels great outside. I regretted wearing long sleeves.

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