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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

5am Runs

I knew going into marathon training that life would interfere and occasionally I would have to fit in runs whenever and wherever I could. Well that whenever comes in the form of 5am mornings. I ran 8 miles yesterday morning. Since it's still dark, I leave the music at home and just enjoy the sound of silence before people and things interrupt my thoughts. (Also, I can hear if some lunatic is chasing me down.) It was unseasonably warm but I didn't pass hardly any runners or bikers! I passed a guy on the trail in the dark, each of us wearing an led headlamp and saying good morning. It's kinda like we were both in the same exclusive club (crazy people who run in the dark alone before any sane person would even be out of bed.) I passed an elderly guy walking two HUGE dogs and they weren't leashed but I was relieved when he gave a friendly hello and his dogs ignored me. Starbucks had a line and people were on their laptops inside! (I checked my watch--it was 5:43.) The sun was starting to poke through the clouds over the Potomac river when I got home at 6:39. It feels great to start your day like that and enjoy the peacefulness of a typically very busy urban area! But don't look for me that early every day--I still prefer to run in the evening with everybody else :) Be safe out there and don't forget your pepper spray if you do run in the dark!

P.S.--I was contacted by Sony today to review some of their products for runners so stay tuned for my review and some great giveaways!!


  1. Haha, as I was reading the beginning of your post I thought to myself; I hope she didn't bring her music so she could hear if some psycho was chasing her down in the dark! Great minds think alike. It's hard to even be awake at 5am let alone run 8 miles. Good job! P.S. I have one of those LED headlamps and feel like such a dork wearing it.

  2. Yes, I feel like a dork as well but I think it would be dorkier to trip over a tree root in the dark.