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Monday, March 21, 2011

Nerves and Weather

It's Monday and only five more sleeps until the marathon. I hope I DO sleep. Apparently, it's normal to not sleep much the night before the race due to anxiety so Thursday is supposed to be the night I get the most sleep. I only have to run 7 miles the rest of the week (3 today, 2 tomorrow, and 2 on Friday). I checked the weather for Satuday and it will be in the lower 50s and rainy. Ugh! 50s is the high so I bet at the time I'm running, 7-11am, it will only be in the 40s. Seems familiar...when I ran the same race (the half marathon) in 2009, it was 29 degrees at the start and only made it to 39 by the time I was fininshed. Brrr. This is not fair considering that the forecast for next weekend's Cherry Blossom Ten Miler is 70s and sunny. At least it will be nice while I stand around and watch everyone else run.
I am working on the shirt for The Baby to wear. It is very cute so far! I haven't done the back yet so I need ideas. Help!

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