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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Last long run!

Hi, everyone! Today I ran 23 miles. I only had to run 20 but I just needed to have a taste of that last 10k in the marathon so I pushed it further than I had to.
The weather here today is perfect for running: overcast, no wind, 60 degrees. I ran up to the Key bridge, ran through Georgetown to Pennsylvania Ave. to 17th St. to the Washington Monument and then hung a right to the Lincoln Memorial and ran across Memorial Bridge back to the Mt. Vernon trail. The Husband and The Baby met me at a park near the airport (mile 16) and I refilled my fuel bottles for the last 7 miles. (I got there in two and a half hours! I actually beat them since I didn't expect to run so fast and I had to run around the parking lot for 5 minutes before they got there.) I got into Old Town and most of the roads were closed (to vehicles) for a St. Patrick's Day parade and I had to cross the parade route. With less than two miles to go, I just stared at the ground and kept trucking. It was definitely difficult but I kept up my pace. I finished it in 3:45 (or 3:40, since I had to wait for 5 minutes.) I want to know how I will finish another 3 miles in the actual marathon. Hopefully there is lots of crowd support and cheering to take my mind off the miles.
Well I'm off to veg and eat ice cream. Have a great Saturday!

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