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Friday, March 11, 2011

Sony Walkman Review, Ya'll

When I heard that I was going to get a Sony Walkman to review, I was like what? They are giving me a tape player? Haha. Well things have changed at Sony since I was 5 and walked around with mine clipped to my acid washed jeans. My experience with mp3 players goes all the way back to 2000 when I got a Rio 600 and I think it held 12 songs (who else knows what I'm talking about? Anyone?) Since then, I've gone through 3 Apple iPods and now use my Nano (Gen 6) with the touch screen which is a paaaain when you are running and your fingers are sweaty and you want to change the song. So that is my background and where I'm coming from when I tell you that the new Sony Walkman W-series is really, really great for running. I hate anything bouncing or shifting or riding up when I run and earphone cords are no exception. I usually wind my cord 80 times around my shirt to keep it out of my way but with the cordless Sony player, you fit it around your head and forget about it. It is not out of the box ready (what is?). It took a few minutes to load the software and figure out how to get music on to it using the Content Transfer application. I loaded 20 songs on to it from my iTunes (yes, it's compatible.) The Sony Walkman holds 2 GB (or 1.68 since the functions take up some memory.) It's comparable to the iPod Shuffle in that regard. That amount of memory is perfect for creating workout playlists but won't replace your every day player.
Then I took if for a run. There are three sizes of ear buds that you can switch to get the perfect fit and I realized pretty much right away while I was running that my right ear is cavernous and the medium sized ear bud just wouldn't stay put. Other than that, the buttons are easy to access and use while running. One thing that I LOVE is that when you change songs back and forth, it beeps and when you go back to the first song on the list, it gives a lower beep to let you know that it's the end (whereas, on an iPod, you hit the end of the playlist and it takes you to the main menu requiring you to reset the playlist and fiddle with it with sweaty hands. Booooo.) The volume won't blow your socks off but, if you're like me and gradually max out the volume on your headphones as you run, it's probably safer that way. One cool feature is that the two ear pieces are magnetized so when they are attached, the player is off. You turn it on by pulling them apart. (A plastic case comes to store them in when not being used so they don't accidentally pull apart.)
I will definitely be using this on my runs from now on! It kind of looks like you're wearing a bluetooth in the gym if people can only see one side but I didn't feel too silly wearing it. I love that it is no muss, no fuss.
If you are interested in purchasing one, go to sony.com/runningmate and you can purchase one for the discounted price of $48.99.

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