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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Gearing Up

What a day! My husband had a 2pm flight to St. Louis and around 9am, he decided to take The Baby. We figured that his mom, who lives in Dallas, doesn't get too many opportunities to see her and she has been pretty distraught over the loss so I wish I could see her reaction when the two of them walk in! (We told his mom several times that The Baby would not be going.) The only caveat is that the funeral is actually in Springfield, Missouri but flying there is not feasible since their airport is so small so my husband has to drive four hours once they land. They probably won't get to Springfield until late tonight. (I guess I should say what a day for them!) I just want to say that seeing a father haul a car seat, baby, stroller, and luggage through an airport makes me feel warm and fuzzy. I love that he took it on. I, on the other hand, am free! This is definitely an odd feeling.
On the way home (and after going "wheeeeeee!" all the way out of the terminal), I stopped at Michaels to buy some heat transfer letters to personalize my marathon shirt. I heard it is really motivating to hear strangers cheer your name so that's what I decided to do. I also made a shirt for my friend who is running the half. She volunteered to run the first half with me and I just so happened to know someone who was giving away their entry so tada!
Now I am sitting at home wondering what to do next...seriously, this is weird. I might go to this Italian place next door and order takeout pasta. It's that or go to the grocery store and then I still have to cook so...easy decision, in my mind.
Well tomorrow is the race expo. I'm gonna run my 2 miles and then head over right when it opens at 11. Race expos are a zoo and I don't feel like being herded like cattle if I can help it. I also want to check out the vendors. Sometimes you see the best running items at expos that you wouldn't normally see anywhere else.
Let's hope I take advantage and get some good sleep tonight! I know tomorrow night is probably a wash so tonight has to count.

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