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Thursday, March 3, 2011


For the past couple of years, I have been a huge fan of Sweaty Bands (http://www.sweatybands.com) for keeping my hair out of my face. They come in so many colors and varieties that I have some just for outfits when I'm NOT running. But with the advent of The Great Bang Grow Out of 2011, I need something like a hat; otherwise, my bangs blow into my face. Enter Bondibands! (http://www.bondiband.com) I received a Bondiband last year and haven't worn it much until recently but it's a godsend with my bangs. I usually wear a Sweaty Band underneath and put the Bondiband on top since it covers more area. I found a new selection of Bondibands at my local running store today (when I went to stock up on Gu for Saturday's 22 miler--what?!?) and one is a cute pastel floral design which is perfect for spring! Anyhow, just wanted to share! It's nice to have hair but sometimes it's a drag when you want it out of your face and I think these products rock!

Top Picture: Sweaty Band (yes, that's my ugly mug, don't laugh.)

Bottom Picture: Bondiband

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