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Saturday, February 5, 2011

18 Miles +1

I ran 19 miles! Whaaat? I can't believe it. I mapped out 18.8 miles since running around the tidal basin was a bit longer than 9 miles and then I had to detour around some construction which added .25 miles. This is what I think is spectacularly crazy: It was easy! There were maybe a couple times where I thought I had no steam or was going to fall over but you know what? It was temporary, both times. I fueled with gatorade and GU shots at miles 6 and 12 and walked at these times but that was the only time I rested. I finished just under 3 hours which is on par with running a 4 hour marathon...I think. I am pretty sure in another month and a half I can do it.
It drizzled cold rain the whole time and I think I only passed a dozen other runners. I love it when other runners wave or hold out their hand for a high five. It really helps with morale out there and on days like today it definitely helps. We're all in it together I guess!

I attached a picture of the dreary weather. It's still drizzling out there but it's definitely better than freezing rain or snow.

Have a good weekend!

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  1. Wow! I am so proud of you. What a huge accomplishment. And I love the bit about the other runners high-fiving you. Definitely great motivation =)