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Sunday, February 13, 2011

5k Sunday

Just like a good run can put you on a high all day, a bad run can make you feel hopeless. I ran 13 miles yesterday and it was soooo difficult and slow--I was cold, tired, hungry--and I did everything the same as usual. I will blame the portion of the trail I ran on since it was VERY hilly and I sprint up the hills as part of my training but there were just SO MANY of them! I had to run/walk the last mile just to make it home and it took me two and a half hours.

On the other hand, today I ran a Valentine's day 5k (see the graphic above) and PRed. I'm not very fast in short races and I usually run the same pace regardless of if it's a 5k or half marathon. I tried pushing it today but last night was my friend's birthday and we were out too late so I did the best I could considering...I finished in 25:09 which beats my previous PR of 25:34 so that's good! I don't run a lot of 5k's because I prefer longer races but sometimes it's nice to see how fast you can be for three miles.

I am supposed to run five more miles today but I think I'm gonna call it a day...it's been a long weekend!

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