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Thursday, February 3, 2011

T Minus 50 Days

There are a mere 50 days before my first marathon. I found out today that the owner of the running store I worked at will be pacing the 4 hour group and of course we discussed running together. Rather, he said, "run it with me!" Ok....This begs the question of...can I run a 4 hour marathon? A 4 hour marathon requires a 9:10 pace. I ran my first half marathon on the same course in 1:50 which is an 8:25 pace so...can I run 13 miles further one minute per mile slower??? Having never run a marathon before, it's hard to say. There are so many variables like hills, weather, starting out too fast (though running with a pace group would help with that), anything, really. I am afraid I am venturing into the unknown (for me) and all I can do is train my best and run my hardest.
Oh and did I mention that it is supposed to rain all day on Saturday? 18 miles in the rain. Running. Well, it beats running in August heat. (Yes, it does. Trust me.)

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