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Saturday, January 15, 2011

15 Mile Run: Check

Last Saturday, I ran 14 miles which was the furthest I had ever run continuously. Before then, 13.1 miles was my max. Well, today I ran 15 miles. I ran from home to the Jefferson Memorial in DC. I didn't have the butterflies of last week and I feel like I learned a bit more about what to do/what not to do. I properly fueled today and I figured out how to take GU without choking on it or wanting to gag (just take it like a shot! Easy enough.) It has the consistency of snot and only vaguely tastes like whatever flavor is scrawled all over the front. Every flavor of GU comes with different components in which to hopefully derive energy and today's selection included caffeine. Around mile 12, it felt like I had a couple cups of coffee and (ironically?) I made it to a Starbucks in time to use their *ahem* facilities. Yikes.
My husband and The Baby drove to Gravelly Point which is a park about 50 feet from the air strip at Reagan National Airport (and my 6 and 9 mile marker) and brought me Gatorade and water (love you! xoxo). He also managed to take a horrible, unflattering picture of me which I am debating about posting here...All in all, it was a fabulous run, I am feeling more confident about running 26 miles, and nothing hurt!! Thankfully, I did remember to use Vaseline on all of the parts that chafed last week so there was no "AAAAHHHH!" emitted from the shower this afternoon.

Sorry for the TMI but I'm just being real and it IS going to get worse (omg).
Now I have the rest of the day to do anything but run! Enjoy your weekends, everyone!

FYI, this is a picture from today but not the horrible, unflattering one.

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