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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Long Time, No Write

Hi there!!

I "created" this blog (aka, signed up for it) about two years ago when I was training for my first half marathon. I had every great intention of telling you about the ups and downs of my long distance running adventures. Well...lets just say that my follow through on this has been less than stellar. But, wow, how things have changed in those two years!! I've run five half marathons, got married, had a baby who is now crawling and I'm FINALLY going to run a full marathon five days before she turns one year old. Which brings me to this blog. Do you know how many thoughts go through your head when you run fourteen miles? A lot. So I want to write about running again. I have a few things on my plate but this outlet is going to be a priority, let me tell you. My life is suddenly consumed by running and I intend to tell you all about it.

The baby is yanking on my leg so hopefully I will catch up with you later after my four miler in the snow this evening. Yippy!!!

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