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Wednesday, January 12, 2011


How do you know when you're having a bad day? For me, it's when I am finished bundling up myself and my nine month old and are about to head out the door when my pants split. Yes, my favorite pair of jeans now have a gaping hole in the back. Need to know what color my underwear are? Just follow the shreds of denim (ahhh...good old polka dots.) The Baby and I were on our way to a lunch hosted by a mom in my mom's group. It was a terrific reason to leave the house but The Baby was the oldest one there and the only one crawling all over everything and trying to demand half eaten slices of quiche from people's plates so we left early. (Cutting short a social event that involves speaking to adults and drinking wine = No fun.) I would look forward to my run tonight but it is soooooooo windy, the doors to our apartment building wouldn't open automatically and I had to pull them (uugh) while maneuvering a stroller, balancing a pie plate, and lugging an overstuffed diaper bag. I know the run will be good for my overall sanity so we'll see if I can tough it out. My marathon training schedule indicates that tonight is a seven mile "pace" run meaning that I should run it at my expectant marathon pace, which, to me, doesn't mean much. Running is running at this point but I will see what I can do. The thought of being out of the wind might help a bit with my speed. Or not...on days like this, it really is mind over matter.

By the way, isn't the graphic funny? It evokes coldness and wind...and some needed comic relief today.


  1. Kirsten, LOVE the blog! I got it off Brittany's FB page. I'm really not stalking you, I promise. LOL. I've been there, at a lunch like that ... and it's hard, especially when you want to have that adult conversation & of course the wine helps too!! It's so much harder when they become movers, yet it's so much fun at the same time. Ugh, hope you had a better day today!!

    BTW, I'm also a blogger ...


  2. Hi!! I saw that you're following me. It's cool :) I'll check out yours. I had the urge to write this week so I just picked it up. Thanks for reading!