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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wonderful Wednesday Weather

It feels like spring today! ...Or at least early March. It will definitely be a pleasant run as long as it holds up into the evening. I have a 5 miler scheduled and then I am going to my first book club meeting. Yes, I have been busy the past few days cramming in about 200 hundred pages but I finished it this afternoon. (The book is called "The Weight of Silence". It's about two girls who disappear and it takes place in Iowa--which is cool since that's where I'm from.) The book club is made up mostly of sorority sisters of mine that live locally and, lucky for me, the meeting is being held in my apartment complex. (Three of my sorority sisters live here!)

Anyhow, The Baby and I hadn't really left the apartment much this week and I decided I definitely needed some diet Pepsi despite my best efforts of cutting back so we went to the store this afternoon. We got back and I was carrying The Baby and the soda to the building. Well, the box of soda broke and spewed cans all over the sidewalk and some even exploded on us. Of course, The Baby had kicked off her socks and I had to set her on the cold sidewalk, sockless, hoping no one would walk by and see how unfit a mother I was as I scooped up the rolling cans. I had another bag and shoved them in there and was able to carry everything in quickly. This is why I am not really a fan of going out without my husband, at least when it comes to carrying bags inside. Oh, and it would have helped if I had a stroller in the car, but I didn't. Lesson learned?

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